Barbara Opall-Rome

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I’ve been reporting on airpower and security affairs for more than 30 years for the print and broadcast media. Please see for career details, but here are relevant highlights:

  • Established the Israel bureau of Defense News in 1999, after 11 years covering the Pentagon and US military deployments in Asia and the Middle East; retired after 30 years in September, 2018

  • In January, 2017, created Strictly Security, a weekly show that airs internationally on the i24News network; retired from my role as Executive Editor/Host of that show to devote full time to Airpower Over Auschwitz

  • I have a deep understanding of the potential as well as the limitations of airpower, having covered more than a dozen wars on three continents.

  • I do my best work under tight deadline, which is essential for meeting the April 2020 milestone anniversary.

  • I’ve put together a top-rate team of airmen, historians, and researchers for Airpower Over Auschwitz; all of them emotionally invested in the success of this project.

  • My husband, Zvi Rome, shares my faith in this project. He’s agreed to fund costs up until now from our personal savings and to serve as Airpower Over Auschwitz business advisor.

  • Ron Katzenelson, a veteran, prize-winning cinematographer and filmmaker, has agreed to direct this film. Read about Ron Katzenelson